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Why Target Financial Advisors?

Marketing your products to Financial Advisors delivers multiple returns.

Financial Advisors has a database of over 500,000 Financial Advisors.

Financial Advisors as Consumer

Financial Advisors are voracious consumers. They earn an average of $200K a year and tend to be younger and more active than other consumers in their income bracket.

Financial Advisors as Investor

Financial Advisors often invest personally in the companies they like. As investors/customers they can represent your most loyal supporters.

Financial Advisors as Stock Promoter

The average Financial Advisor has 250+ clients that invest based on their advice. A $10,000 average stock purchase by each client would represent $2,500,000 of buying volume.

Financial Advisors as Product Salesman

Every time a Financial Advisor recommends your company as a potential investment, they inadvertently recommend your products and brand at the same time.


Each Financial Advisor influences the investment decisions of 250+ individual investors. These investor clients represent the wealthiest US consumers and investors.

Client of Financial Advisor as Consumer

The average Client is an active wealthy consumer. The average client has a net worth of $1 Million and an income of $150,000.

Client of Financial Advisor as Investor

The average made by an investor/client is 1,000 shares of stock or $10,000

Client of Financial Advisor as Influential Customer

Investor/customers tend to be the most loyal. They often give preference to a company product to support their investment, and tend to hold their investments in companies when they like their products.


When prospecting for new clients, it is not uncommon for a Financial Advisor to contact over 1000 prospects for each new account they open. InvestorMarketing™ has a database of over 300 Million consumers. We can segment our data to produce a list of active investors who match your ideal customer profile. We can then provide these profiles as leads to the Financial Advisors in our database as well as to your own sales department. The resulting combined sales force can build your brand and sales as it increases your stock price and liquidity.

Prospect of Financial Advisor as Consumer and/or Investor

We know the income and buying behavior of every prospect and can target those who match both an investor and ideal customer profile.

Prospect of Financial Advisor as Influential Customer

Whether they buy your stock or buy your product, every prospect contacted will learn about your company and may pass this information on to others they know. By targeting your ideal customer/investor demographic we ensure a return on your investment in this program.

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How does InvestorMarketing™ work?

InvestorMarketing™ immediately adds up to 500,000 Financial Advisors to your existing prospect base. Then, depending on your industry, we introduce your company in a way that will generate interest in your products as well as your stock. Finally, we enable those financial advisors to do the same when they talk to their clients and prospects. The result is a novel means of generating additional sales as you increase your stock price.

Each Financial Advisor also influences the purchase and investment behavior of an average of 250 equally affluent and influential clients.

To create synergy between your own sales force and the prospecting and advisory activities of the Financial Advisors, InvestorMarketing™ can give you access to our 300 Million Consumer database. We can cross-target your ideal customer profile with that of an ideal investor. Then provide those leads to both your in-house sales department as well as to those Financial Advisors recommending your stock.

The result is a powerful campaign that will promote your brand, sell your product and increase your stock price and volume.

Can my company benefit from InvestorMarketing™?

While InvestorMarketing™ can work for any company, it is specifically tailored to benefit publicly traded companies offering consumer goods and services.

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