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In today’s economy, it’s important to extract the full value of every resource at your disposal. If your company sells consumer products and services, InvestorMarketing™ can give you access to an influential and highly competent sales force that you may have overlooked.

There are currently over a half million Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors in the United States discussing companies like yours with their wealthy customers and prospects. The content of these Broker/Investor discussions are often surprisingly similar to the Salesman/Consumer presentations given by your own sales department. These brokers are selling stock, your sales department is selling product, but depending on the nature of your business, the presentations given and the customers targeted, are often identical.

At any moment there could be more brokers presenting your company as an investment opportunity than you have sales people promoting your products and services.

Let us show you how to:

  • Harness the power of a 500,000 strong, highly compensated professional sales force (for free!).
  • Sell more product, boost your stock price and lower your Cost of Sales all at the same time.
  • Build customer and shareholder loyalty.
  • Market to Influentials with the power to affect the buying decisions others.

As a group, Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors are young, wealthy and influential in their social and business circles. Voracious consumers, they often represent the ideal customers for your products as well as each providing advice and guidance to an average of 250 investors who may be ideal customers themselves. The Sales force in our database maintains intimate and influential relationships with the wealthiest investors/consumers, often spending hours each month talking with and advising these clients – on topics ranging from investments to golf clubs to the latest trends.

In addition to their existing client base, these Financial Advisors make sales presentations to thousands of prospective clients. These presentations tend to focus on individual stock recommendations designed to appeal to individual prospects. We can help you influence this massive unpaid sales force using your existing Marketing and IR Budgets.

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How does InvestorMarketing™ work?

InvestorMarketing™ immediately adds up to 500,000 Financial Advisors to your existing prospect base. Then, depending on your industry, we introduce your company in a way that will generate interest in your products as well as your stock. Finally, we enable those financial advisors to do the same when they talk to their clients and prospects. The result is a novel means of generating additional sales as you increase your stock price.

Each Financial Advisor also influences the purchase and investment behavior of an average of 250 equally affluent and influential clients.

To create synergy between your own sales force and the prospecting and advisory activities of the Financial Advisors, InvestorMarketing™ can give you access to our 300 Million Consumer database. We can cross-target your ideal customer profile with that of an ideal investor. Then provide those leads to both your in-house sales department as well as to those Financial Advisors recommending your stock.

The result is a powerful campaign that will promote your brand, sell your product and increase your stock price and volume.

Can my company benefit from InvestorMarketing™?

While InvestorMarketing™ can work for any company, it is specifically tailored to benefit publicly traded companies offering consumer goods and services.

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